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The Hualien Substation that commenced operation in 1988 is located inside the gorgeous district of Meiluen in the Hualien City. With a vision to become an Educational Radio to take care of remote areas, the Hualien Substation has devoted itself to developing strategies, such as a lifelong learning network for the Hualien community, promoting learning for prison inmates, and providing training for cultural program broadcasting and production professionals. The Hualien Substation is now widely recognized as a specialized education broadcaster in the Hualien area.

Due to a strip-shape landform of Hualien, a relay station is required if the quality of broadcast is to be maintained. Hence the Hualien Substation established the Yuli Relay Station in the Wuhe Plateau in 1988 to relay the program signals transmitted from the Hualien Substation. Since the satellite reception system commenced operation in 2000, synchronized reception has made it possible for our audience in the south to access to the broadcast programs of the same versatility and quality as our listeners in the Hualien City.

A second FM local broadcast network was added on February 16th of 2001, making Hualien Substation the first professional broadcaster in culture and education in the region and to provide other choices than the original nationwide network programs for learner-listeners. The Hualien Substation expects itself to play a cultural/educational information disseminator role in the region by incorporating local school and community resources to produce high-quality social education and cultural programs, organize various radio broadcast promotional activities in order to exert a greater influence and to better serve the local residents of Hualien.