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To make sure that the audience in the east where cultural activities are relatively difficult to promote are not left out in our service, NER established the Taitung Substation in 1985 and the Beinan Transmission Station in 1986, which aired the first program on September 30th of 1988 and started to promote the back-country culture as one of its major responsibilities. The second broadcast network was completed in 2001 to expand its service coverage.

In addition to providing the latest education and culture news, giving expert advice on educationrelated issues, and offering a convenient venue for language learning, NER strives to explore, discover, promote, and share the unique Hou Shan(meaning back mountain) culture with listeners, featuring native culture and minority groups in its radio programs in order to introduce the beauty of Taitung, a place blessed with six indigenous groups, rich prehistoric culture, and spectacular natural scenery.